Sea kayak "Endless"

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Endless is equipped with a lightning-fast hull shape and is moulded from XDPE plastic with an ultra-smooth surface. It has a low fore and aft deck, making it hardly sensitive to wind and offering excellent directional stability. With a waterline that makes up 92% of the overall length, combined with minimal rocker, the Endless is one of the fastest plastic kayaks on the market.

With plenty of storage space, the Endless is perfect for longer trips. We've worked hard to bring you uncompromising comfort and an easy-to-handle, robust and truly beautiful touring kayak at an affordable price.

Boot sizes
Regular: Body 160-179 cm | Weight 55-80 kg
Large: Body 180-210 cm | Weight from 90 kg
(If you weigh more than 110 kg, the cockpit may be too narrow for you)

Rudder and compass
All DesignKayaks are supplied with a skeg as standard. However, if you prefer a kayak with a rudder, both the Unplugged and the Endless are prepared for a rudder. Simply select it from the accessories below.

Colour scheme:
Just choose your model and the colour of the kayak - then you will receive it with contrasting coloured lids and the matching deck lining as shown.
You can also change the colour of the lids and, for a small surcharge, we can also change the colour of the deck lining. Simply select this feature below in the appropriate accessories.

If you are unsure about the size or would like to try out the kayak, write us a message or give us a call.
Colour kayak: Grey

Test this kayak in your neighbourhood:

Just contact the location of your choice and make an appointment.
Test the kayak you want when it's on site.
The kayak will either be dispatched to you and your desired address or you can collect it from the test station. Please let us know which station you tested it at when you place your order.