Sea kayak "Awesome"

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Awesome is a short sea kayak that offers ultimate control and manoeuvrability in waves and the surf zone. With a length of just 475 cm and a pronounced rocker, it is incredibly easy to handle even in demanding conditions.

All fittings on the Awesome sea kayak are fibreglass-reinforced and recessed into the deck, which ensures a long service life even under heavy loads. This also minimises the risk of hand injuries if you accidentally hit the foredeck while paddling. The cockpit edge is extra reinforced and has a deep groove all round to ensure that a spraydeck can be securely attached in rollers and surf. The kayak is equipped with a towing bracket and a large oval hatch at the stern and is therefore also suitable for slightly longer tours in challenging waters.

Your height: 175-210 cm
Your weight: 70-120 kg

Colour scheme
Just choose your model and the colour of the kayak - then you will receive it with contrasting coloured lids and the matching deck lining as shown.

You can also change the colour of the lids and, for a small surcharge, we can also change the colour of the deck lining. Simply select this feature below in the appropriate accessories.

If you are unsure about the size or would like to try out the kayak, write us a message or give us a call.

Colour kayak: Blue

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Just contact the location of your choice and make an appointment.
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The kayak will either be dispatched to you and your desired address or you can collect it from the test station. Please let us know which station you tested it at when you place your order.