Artisan 5G customised configuration

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The Finnish legend: Genuine Scandinavian design with fast, lightweight hull and deck construction. Easy to load and therefore a great kayak for expeditions of a week or longer.

How to order your individually configured kayak: Choose layup and colour and let us know your desired combination by email or phone. We will create a colour simulation and an order. If everything fits, we will invoice the kayak at 50% and put your order into production. Delivery times vary between 8 and 16 weeks depending on the time.

These colours are possible: More about individual configuration

Material: Traditional Layup TR (+0€)


Keel strip: without keel strip

Keel strip

Colour: Standard colour (+0 Euro) 07634 340987 1


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Just contact the location of your choice and make an appointment.
Test the kayak you want when it's there.
The kayak will either be sent to you and your desired address when you order it, or you can pick it up at the test station. When ordering, please let us know at which station you tested it.