Maximus Centurion

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The Maximus Centurion Type V lifejacket is the latest addition to the popular and award-winning Maximus PFD platform. The waistcoat comes with the Belly Pocket accessory as standard.

The Centurion is a Type 5 lifejacket with the Dynamic Suspension System (DSS). DSS features wide, contoured shoulder straps that allow an independently suspended front flotation plate to move with the paddler. The Centurion is as comfortable as its predecessors, but with additional storage space and a redesigned top pocket that is more accessible. The waistcoat comes standard with the accessory belly pocket, which has two pockets and a knife sheath with magnetic closure for organising essentials and fits a VHF radio. In addition, the webbing adjustments have been moved to the front of the waistcoat to allow easy adjustment of the fit. The Centurion is made entirely from Gaia foam and also features a quick release safety harness with O-ring.
    Colour: red


    Size: X/S 32-38


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