SUP Travel Guide Germany

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This guide is for everyone who is keen on exercise, on varied day trips, on new perspectives, on a sporty and healthy activity, on nature, combined with a feeling of freedom and discovery.

It takes you to the most beautiful SUP spots in Germany. It takes you to beautiful places you never thought you could SUP there. It shows you everything you need for an enjoyable day trip:
start and finish points, weather data, visibility in the water, highlights on and off the water, nice restaurants and cafés, places to stay near the spots, plus safety tips and a concise basic guide to stand up paddling.

Inviting and appealing pictures of the various spots whet the appetite for SUPing. Easy-to-follow maps and QR codes (links) support a perfect SUP tour and round off this book.

With Stand Up Paddling, all muscle groups are addressed through the movement sequences and the balancing of the board. Addressing the deep muscles in particular is a great advantage of Stand Up Paddling.

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