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SUPMit dem SUP auf dem Rhein: Fahrtechnik, Wissen und das richtige Board

With the SUP on the Rhine: riding technique, knowledge and the right board

As a C-trainer and experienced paddler, Stefan Lander knows how to succeed paddling the industrial Rhine on a SUP board: Driving technique, knowledge of dangers and reliable boards that can be s...

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Safety on the SUP: Life jacket vs. restube

We see them again and again: people who are firmly convinced that they don't need a life jacket, a restube, because "yes, I can swim".And unfortunately, people who can't swim at all or only badly a...

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On the move with the SUP on the long haul

Ivan Ureta is a long-distance paddler and has realised an extraordinary project in which he has proven that even as a SUP athlete you can keep your ecological footprint small when travelling. His m...

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With Ultra Light SUP and the 9 Euro Ticket to the Black Forest

We would like to share a tour tip to one of our Lite Venture home spots in the Black Forest on the occasion of the 9-Euro-Ticket: With the inflatable board in your backpack, we're heading from Frei...

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Two-country tour with the SUP on the High Rhine

The Rhine is very suitable here in the southwest in many sections for paddling on the SUP and for tours. In the area from Lake Constance to Basel, it is not yet used for freight navigation. From Ba...

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Apply Railtape correctly

Railsaver tape offers good protection for the sides of your hardboard. Anne explains here in the video blog how to apply the tape correctly.

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SUP Dog Training with the Lite Venture ULTRA and the Dog Pad

The rescue dog team of the Malteser Freiburg uses the Lite Venture ULTRA Boards with Dog Pad for training their dogs. The board trains the dogs' balance and musculature, the Dog Pad supports the ta...

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Epoxy Hardboard Repair

Hardboard SUPs with classic epoxy construction have a very high life expectancy with the appropriate care, because you can repair them very well yourself, should a hole have occurred:

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Action Weeks at the Lite Venture Boathouse

Lite Venture expands its range with the warehouse in the new boathouse! A large selection of kayaks, surf skis and SUP boards and accessories are now stored here. For the opening we offer interesti...

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Video check: the SUP Drysuit by HIKO

The new SUP drysuit from HIKO with the sonorous name "Valkyrie" is designed as a unisex suit for women and men. We took it along and tested it on our tour through Austria and present it in detail i...

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SUP with Dog and Dog Pad

Anne and I don't have a dog. We go on tours with the SUP, fast and enduring ones, also with luggage. We know what it's like to ride with a 20-kilo load. We don't know what it's like when this load ...

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On the water all year round with the drysuit: eight months of season extension

We researched for a long time and tested various models.

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Quality differences in SUP boards

Where does the price range for inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards come from?