STELLAR SILV sea kayak

The light sea kayak

STELLAR SILV sea kayak

The light sea kayak

The light sea kayak under 18 kg

Stellar SILV sea kayak

The SILV and SI18 sea kayaks from the Stellar family offer the speed you are used to from Stellar in combination with stability and safety that the sea kayaks prove in rough conditions.

We configure the SI18 and SILV in Stellar Multisport Layup by default. This means the hull is made of carbon/kevlar, which is a sandwich of fiberglass and a honeycomb core. The result of the SILV is a sea kayak with a total weight of 17.8 kg.

The SI18 and SILV are available with the option to add a Smart Track rudder and keel strips.

SI18 or SILV: Choosing the right model

The SILV (LV = "Low Volume") is ideal for light to medium-heavy paddlers with a weight of 55 - 80 kg. The SI18 is for medium to heavy paddlers with a paddler weight of 75 - 120 kg. Anyone who is in the transitional range in terms of body weight should decide according to the area of ​​application and potential payload. For example, if you decide to use the SI18 as a person weighing 70 kg and often use it without a load, you may quickly reach your limits under more difficult conditions. Because then the kayak offers more surface for wind and waves to attack, which requires more strength to control it.

If you are not sure, make an appointment at one of our test stations, here are all experienced paddlers who will give you good advice.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 55-80 kg
Payload: 110 kg
Lightweight: yes
Divisible: no
Tours, multi-day tours, sea kayaks, ambitious, professionals


Cockpit length x width: 80 x 44 cm
Weight: 17.8kg
Construction: laminated
Layup Variations: Multisport

Technical specifications

Length: 514cm
Width: 53.2 cm
Volume: -
Volume hatch front: 109 l
Rear hatch volume: 50 l
Volume day hatch forward: -
Volume day hatch aft: -


Länge: 514 cm
Breite: 53,2 cm
Sitzluke: 80 x 44 cm
Volumen Luke vorn: 109 l
Volumen Luke hinten: 50 l
Tagesluke vorn: vorhanden
Tagesluke hinten: vorhanden

Who is the SILV the right sea kayak for?

The light sea kayak for light to medium weight people

Many of our customers who choose the Stellar sea kayak appreciate the sensationally light weight of less than 20 kg and the very comfortable entry into the cockpit. The kayak can be steered reliably and offers space for additional loads for trips lasting several days. It is ideal for touring on large bodies of water in moderate conditions.

Integrated seating position

The cockpit lets air: ideal for people who prefer a kayak that is not quite as tight. Accessible from the seat: skeg, two day hatches (one aft day hatch on the SILV) and luggage nets.

Smooth-running & track-stable

Both models use a long waterline and enable a higher cruising speed to be reached and sustained.

These points make the SILV special

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Optional tax possible

The S14 has a skeg installed that ensures good directional stability. If you want, you can optionally attach an additional control.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

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Generous hatches

Generous and easily lockable hatches. Front volume: XXX Rear volume: XXX

Stable handle

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day hatch

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Own boat name

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Presentation using the example of the SILV

Ben Lawry from Stellar introduces the Stellar sea kayaks using the Stellar SILV as an example. Difference to the SI18: The dimensions and only one day hatch behind the cockpit.