Light surf skis from Stellar

Stellar has its roots in manufacturing kayaks for competition. This results in great competence in the construction of light racing kayaks and surf skis. Only the highest quality materials and production processes are used for the various layup variants.

The hull shapes achieve a unique combination of speed and stability. This applies equally to beginner kayaks such as the S12 and S14 as well as to ambitious kayaks such as the S18R or surf skis of the elite class up to the Stellar SEA. Despite the light weight and the high-quality workmanship, Stellar offers a very good price-performance ratio.

All Stellar Lightweight Kayaks at a glance


The Stellar S12 Touring Kayak is a compact and agile touring kayak that has very good directional stability due to its shape.

S14 G2

With a length of only 4.36 meters and a weight of approx. 16 kg, the Stellar S14 is easy to transport and can be used on almost any body of water.


The S15LV is a compact, light and fast touring kayak for light to medium-heavy paddlers
from 55 - 70 kg.

S16 G2

The S16 G2 is the ideal touring kayak for medium-sized paddlers with
a paddler weight
of 70 - 100 kg.

S18 Expedition

The S18 Expedition is for medium to large sized paddlers looking for a fast boat with large volume for payload.


Here you can feel the racing genes of the Stellar kayaks with every paddle stroke. The S18R is equipped with QR Touring Footbrace.


The SI18 offers the speed you are used to from Stellar. Stability and safety when paddling can be felt in big waves.


The SILV is a safe and agile sea kayak for light and medium-weight paddlers with a paddler weight of 55 - 80 kg.

ST17 Finally

Stable position in the water due to the width of 71 cm. Very compact for a pair of two with a length of only 5.30 meters and therefore easy to transport.

ST21 Tandem Race

Here you can feel the racing genes with every paddle stroke. The ST21 tandem is equipped with QR Touring Footbrace.


The combination of fiberglass and Kevlar makes an ultra-light yet robust packboat
only 12.5 kg possible.

Rapid S

The Rapid S was developed at the suggestion of New Zealanders who wanted a kayak to use down white water rivers.