Stellar Surf Ski Test Report

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Yesterday at the lake near Freiburg: Despite bad weather, 3 exciting test surf skis started: Stellar SR, SEI and the 2er Stellar S2E. The experienced surf ski paddlers were particularly interested in one thing: do Stellar surf skis really have such an exceptionally high stability in relation to their width and thus speed?

Adjust to driver positions. On the left the Stellar SEI in the Multisport Edition (Carbon/Kevlar layup) on the right the Stellar SR. SEI stands for Stellar Elite Intermediate with a length of 6.10 meters and a width of 46 cm. The SR - Stellar Racer is 5.84 meters long and 48 cm wide.

A big advantage of surf skis: they are light! In the Excel layup, Stellar's surf skis weigh around 11.5 kg. In the robust multisport layup it is around 15 kg. This means that the boats are easy to transport alone and loading them onto the roof rack is no problem. A real alternative to some kayaks as a variable & light piece of sports equipment.

Ready to go: One of the two surf skiers has been on other popular surf skis so far and above all wanted to see whether the ratio of speed and stability, for which Stellar is known, is really that outstanding.

Back with the Stellar SEI (left) and excited. Never experienced this stability with a 46 cm wide surf ski. The sufficiently wide, well-formed seat pan allows for good rotation and footwork. The testers were both almost 2 meters tall. This was the limit in terms of seat pan length. For one of the two testers with an above-average leg length in relation to their height, 2-3 cm more length would have been optimal.

Also in the test: The Stellar S2E with a length of 7.50 meters and a width of 48 cm. In the Excel layup, the 2-seater weighs just 19.5 kg. Rigidity, stability and speed were also convincing here. However, for the tester with the extremely long leg length, 2-3 cm more would have been desirable.

2er surfskis need a bit more getting used to...

... but the experienced testers quickly found the right combination.

On the road with our test vehicle. The Surf Ski Shop Lite Venture offers surf ski tests at any time by appointment.