Presentation of the new SUP drysuit "Valkyrie" from HIKO

Titelbild zu " Vorstellung des neuen SUP Trockenanzug „Valkyrie“ von HIKO " auf Lite Venture ( www.liteventure.de )

What are the advantages of a dry suit?

In the cold season, it is imperative to protect yourself from a cold shock if you fall into the water when paddling on the SUP. Even a water temperature of 15° Celsius can lead to a change in breathing rhythm, from 10° Celsius it can lead to respiratory paralysis and thus to a panic reaction. A wetsuit also protects against cold water, but this only really develops its warming function when it gets wet - for example when surfing or diving. Neoprene also heats up a lot when exposed to the sun, which can also be uncomfortable when the air temperature is warmer.

With a dry suit, the temperature can be easily regulated by the clothing underneath: in the transitional season it is often not so cold, however, the water has already (or still) cooled down considerably. Then you simply wear shorts and a T-shirt made of moisture-regulating material. Depending on how cold you feel, sports underwear / ski underwear / a vest can regulate the temperature.

Processing of the Valkyrie by HIKO

The seams are very carefully taped and at points that have a stronger pull should also endure reinforced. The very robust zipper that runs diagonally across the chest is particularly striking. The diagonal cut means that there is no uncomfortable pressure on the neck seal. The neck seal is made of soft neoprene, which is much softer than latex in this sensitive area. The cuffs are double-layered - latex below, neoprene above. The suit has taped booties made from a slightly more robust material. This has the advantage that the feet do not get wet and therefore stay warm. To protect the booties from being damaged by small stones, neoprene shoes should still be worn over them. The Valkyrie also has a dry pocket inside for things like a mobile phone or wallet.

Fit of the Valkyrie unisex suit

Anne is 1.77 m tall and wears regular clothes Women's size 40. In the video she wears the dry suit in size M. The footlets make it easy to put them on, since the tight leg cuffs prevent the feet from "mumbling in". So you're standing pretty quickly with both feet in the suit. The legs are generous and relaxed, so there is plenty of legroom and space for clothes underneath. Buttocks and upper body also have air. The suit can be easily tightened at the waist with adjustable straps. The robust zip closes securely:

The suit offers plenty of freedom of movement on the shoulders and buttocks. The length of the socks is limited - size M fits up to a body length of 1.80 m.

In the test, the Valkyrie was absolutely watertight - moisture did not penetrate at any point. After staying in the water for a long time, you can of course feel the water temperature through the material, which also depends on the layer "underneath" - but everything remains absolutely dry.