Tandem 370

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The Tandem 370 is a compact fishing kayak / sit-on-top kayak from the Altra Kayaks series. With a length of 370 cm and two seats, it offers enough space for two people, storage space for fishing equipment, luggage and cool box.

Suitable for fishing or paddling for two

The comfortable sit on top kayak for 2

The Tandem 370 is not just a kayak for anglers but for all recreational paddlers who want to do relaxed laps on the lake or the sea. The two aluminum frame seats allow a very comfortable seating position. The kayak has a large storage hatch in front and a very spacious storage area behind the seat.

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storage space

Fore and aft storage space for luggage or equipment

tracking stability

The sit-on-top kayaks owe their good directional stability to the specially shaped hull.

Sitting comfortably

Easily removable, light aluminum frame, comfortable seating position

Locked day hatches

Two spacious day hatches for safe storage are directly accessible from the seat.

fishing mount

Sturdy pivoting fishing mounts are located on both seats. They can easily be removed if the kayak is only to be used for one tour.