Test center Moers

Here you can look forward to very good advice from an experienced and friendly paddler in a relaxed atmosphere! In cooperation with Stefan Lander from "supkultur" the Stellar kayaks, SKIM kayaks and Lite Venture SUP boards can be tested here at the Elfrather See.

Stefan Lander is at home on SUP and kayak and offers both in his test station.

Stefan has been a water sports enthusiast since his early youth: In addition to windsurfing and rowing, paddling was added, as well as sea kayaking and short boat paddling. But he also feels comfortable on the SUP - in races, on tours and in moving water. Safety courses, EPP certificates and SUP instructor training complete his experience and knowledge. Home waters are the Rhine, Lippe, Ruhr and many other waters on the Lower Rhine. Stefan founded "supkultur" in 2018 with a focus on SUP sports. Due to the partnership with Lite Venture, founding the test center was both a matter close to his heart and a logical consequence.

And so the Lite Venture test center was created here as part of Stefan Lander's supkultur. In addition to the Lite Venture SUP boards, many models of the Stellar Kayaks can be tested here and, depending on the model, also bought on site:

Testing by arrangement is possible all year round - with suitable protective clothing

Light touring kayaks and surf skis from Stellar Lightweight:

The manufacturer Stellar has its roots in competitive sports and transfers its decades of lightweight expertise to recreational kayaks. The result is an exceptionally well-made touring kayak that only weighs 12 to 18 kilos. This makes them ideal for a single person who wants to effortlessly carry and move the kayak alone. The price-performance ratio is also very good.

The following models are ready for testing at the Moers station, others on request:

Stellar S14 (a compact tourer, 16 kg)
Stellar S16 (a fast tourer, suitable for multi-day tours, 17 kg)
Stellar S18 Exp (a fast tourer with a lot of volume, 19 kg)
Stellar S18 R (the competition kayak, 17.8 kg)
Stellar SI18 (large volume sea kayak, 19.5 kg)
Stellar ST21 (the 26 kg tandem racer)
Stellar Surfski S16S
Stellar Falcon surf skis

All models immediately available in our main location are listed here:

SKIM sea kayaks from Finland:

The Finnish manufacturer SKIM designs special sea kayaks: Each boat is handcrafted in Finland. The design is based on classic boat shapes and improved. Many details show that their designers are themselves on the water and know what is important.

The following models are ready for testing at the Halle station, others on request:
SKIM Beaufort (coming soon)

All models available from stock in our main warehouse are listed here:

Stefan with the prototype of the Lite Venture full carbon tourer 14'0" x 25'5"

The Lite Venture SUP boards

We make Stand Up Paddle Boards with high standards of technology and performance: The hardboards with a real wood deck also have a carbon layup, which makes them very stiff. The inflatable boards like the ULTRA Light 12'2" and the ULTRA Fast 14'0" are also known for their rigidity and high-quality materials. By arrangement, the boards can be tested at Stefan's on the Elfrather See.

More information about the models:

How does testing at the test station work?

Since Alex is often on the road to test with customers or to offer his tour program, an appointment should be made before visiting the station. The best way is to call the number below. Anyone who decides on a kayak or SUP will have it sent home directly from Lite Venture's central warehouse or can pick it up from Alex at the station.

🇬🇧 Hamburg test center

Telephone: +0172/528 6393 or 07634 - 340987 0
Email: alex@liteventure.de
Altengammer Hauptdeich 88, 21039 Hamburg

Dates by arrangement, tour program possible