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Tourer for light
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The ideal touring kayak for people weighing 50 - 70 kg

S15LV Lightweight Kayak

"LV" stands for "Low Volume", i.e. lower volume. The S15LV is a compact, light and fast touring kayak for light to medium-weight paddlers from 55 - 70 kg. It also has sufficient storage space for multi-day tours. With a length of 4.60 meters, it is very compact and handy to handle and transport.

During our test appointments, we often experience that smaller people in particular who have a little paddling experience feel immediately at home in the S15LV. Some even say they "finally" found their boat. Lifting a heavy and voluminous kayak is impossible, especially for smaller people. A kayak with too much volume is also much more difficult to control in wind and waves.

The driving behavior of this slim boat is dynamic, you can feel that this kayak would also like to pick up speed and glide quickly through the water! The tail rudder makes it easy to control.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 55-80 kg
Payload: 135 kg
Lightweight: yes
Divisible: no
Leisure, tours, multi-day tours, ambitious


Cockpit length x width: 81 x 44 cm
Weight: 16.5kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variations: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage Layup: ab 2.790,00 €
Multisport Layup: ab 3.240,00 €
Laminierter Kielstreifen ab Werk: 120 €

Technical specifications

Length: 460cm
Width: 54.8 cm
Volume: -
Volume hatch front: 62 l
Rear hatch volume: 100 l
Volume day hatch front: nv
Volume day hatch rear: nv

The advantages of the Stellar S15LV

Fast tourer with a compact length

In the Stellar touring kayak model range, the S15LV closes the transition from the S14 to the S16. This kayak offers lighter people from 55 to 70 kilos body weight a perfect, easy to control touring kayak.

Close contact with the kayak

Smaller and lighter paddlers up to 70 kg benefit from the compactness of the S15LV: Better control through more contact and less surface to be attacked by the wind are the most important advantages.


The shape and construction of the hull make the S15LV a very fast tourer. It uses almost the entire length on the water and invites you to take full speed.

baggage volume

Also made for longer trips: the two large storage compartments also allow you to transport multi-day luggage.


With a length of 4.60 m, the S15LV is equipped with a stern rudder. That way it can be controlled safely.

These points make the S15LV special

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Optional tax possible

The S14 has a skeg installed that ensures good directional stability. If you want, you can optionally attach an additional control.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

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Generous hatches

Generous and easily lockable hatches. Front volume: XXX Rear volume: XXX

Stable handle

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day hatch

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Own boat name

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Video presentation of the S15LV

Stellar's Ben Lawry presents the benefits and features of the S15LV.